It’s nearly 08:00 clock in the morning or so my watch says which is wet on my arm from the high humidity.  If there is one thing we all own in Mozambique, except for mosquito repellent that is, it’s a barometer hiding under a tree somewhere.  The mercury reads nearly 30 degrees Celsius.  Hot and sticky and I cannot but help thinking of the 40 degree Celsius mark midday.  It’s VBS (Vocational Bible School) time again and kids have been anxiously waiting for the program to start after their ‘tough’ exams behind them.

I get on my motorbike to travel the 20 km to our bush school to see how many kids would actually pitch up for the fun and games.  To my amazement 179 were waiting on time in the heat for the fun to start.  Their anticipation is actually quite contagious.  In heat like this water games must be the biggest attraction apart from all the cool drinks and biscuits.  Between the games, Bible stories, role playing and fun there was a lot to learn.

Before we even knew it day 1 was finished ….. and we didn’t even feel the heat.  Special thanks to Rick and Heather and all the helpers for hosting yet again a marvelous time with our kids.  Their laughter still rings in my ears …… a sound I always cherish.

Photo 1:  Cooling down session – passing sponges!

Photo 2:  Quickly catching a drink and grabbing a biscuit before continuing the race.

Photo 3:  Enjoying a break!

Photo 4:  Simon Nicalau one of our pre-school teachers (and first aid officer) making sure all is well at the starting point.

Photo 5:  Oh the joy of studying – Grade 5 students could not participate in the VBS fun.  They are in the final stages of preparing for their external exams in a week.  With all the joy and fun outside ….. it seems hard to concentrate on the job on hand.

Photo 6:  Exploding balloons and more cooling down games.

Photo 7:  Who can drink the most juice through a straw?

Photo 8:  VBS is all about having fun while learning.  Little Tito is getting ready as David to attack Goliath.  Bible verse memorization is a key part of the fun.  Bibles stories are being taught through role play ….. !  Amazing fun.