Now I have been blogging in the past about our rich and diverse nature in Mozambique – and specially here in the bush and all the inhabitants we are sharing life with.  But the last week was a little but just too much.  Imagine waking up late night …… nature calls (did I just say that) and you just have to go.  I mean you don’t want to go …. but there comes a time when your bladder screams out and you have to obey, leave your bed and feel your way into the dark.  No electricity in the bush and candles are just too far to get to.  At least the flashlight was next to my bed … so all settled after I forced my one eye open.  I measured my steps half asleep not to get lost.  With only my weak light to guide me through my bush house something told me to stop …. and so I did.  To my amazement a big black scorpion follow my light.  Now I know that Psalms 119 says that:  “Your Word is a light unto my path” but this was too much.  After a quick and loud ‘rebuke’ my wife was next to me.  What would we do without them, I wondered.  She reckoned the bigger the scorpion the less dangerous they are.  Now I have been stung by them once ….. and to say the least …. I thought God was calling me ‘yonder’ at a young age.  I survived.  With one sweep of her shoe my wife decided it’s better to kill it.  I wanted to gather the poor creature and leave it outside – but to no avail.  It was not the end though.  Two days later …. another BBS  (big black scorpion) under my bed.  And I slept on the floor next to my bed due to the extreme heat and temperatures during the day and night.  But yet here I am …. alive.  Yes we caught the second one and he also met his Creator alongside his other friend.

Two days after the invasion that is now testing my bladder even more during the night time I met this reptile on my veranda watching me through the window.  Black Mamba – one of the world’s fastest and most poisonous snakes.  I got so upset when I saw the snake I ran out the front door, collected a tent pole and tried to kill it.  It was much faster than I was and after my 17th shot the tent pole was in pieces, I was tired and the snake escaped into my rock garden.

This morning I realized that we had reptile fever again.  I visited the house of a fellow missionary to see the progress on his house when I literally stepped on a Twig snake.  NOW … to really see how poisonous these snakes are … you should perhaps Google the black mamba and the twig snake.  They are NOT your friends.  This morning though I am not sure who got the biggest fright …me or the Twig snake.  I jumped to the west and he fled to the east.  Thank you for continual prayers for safety.  I shall now retire to my house where it should be a little safer …. I think!