After all the hours on the road back to Mozambique it was satisfying to hear that the First Lady of Mozambique, Maria da Luz Guebuza visited our community to specifically check up on how women and orphans in the communities are doing.  She got a change to see what the woman are producing in our area through the Women’s Ministry.  As a mission we are currently training more than 2 800 ladies across Mozambique with special emphases on central and northern Mozambique.

When an important official, like the First Lady, visits there is a huge entourage that follows her.  It is very often that close to a 100 people may follow her on her visit.  From the police, education and health department to all the tribal chiefs and their assistants. Why they all come is still a mystery but it really is something to behold. However, having a visit of this nature takes a lot of preparation as the photos will testify.

Photo 1:  An offering is always in order when someone of this stature arrives.  A sheep was the offering for the day.  By the looks of it ….. it accepted its fate.

Photo 2:  Our one and only Fire Truck also arrived for the occasion.  Why?  I not exactly sure but it really did look spic and span for the occasion.

The whole of Mucombeze turned out for the joyous occasion.  Dancing and singing is so part of life here – wish we could do it all over the world.

Photo 4:  Everybody brought their instruments and the band got the party going.

Photo 5:  Eunice (Lady Ministry National-coordinator) setting up her exhibition for the First Lady.

Photo 6:  Heather representing the mission, meeting the First Lady with Tendai (an orphan adopted by Heather and Rick).