Who are the people that makes it possible for us to keep on ‘keeping-on’?  I met a whole bunch of them throughout our time here in Cape Town, South Africa.  Their stories in their ‘faith communities’ were amazing and made me realize that the same light and fire in their ‘communities’ is the same light that shines throughout Africa.  It was great sharing our stories of hope, faith and perseverance and realized that it doesn’t matter where in the world you are …. the same stories of a transformational Jesus is the same everywhere.  
Dr Henri Weideman – leader pastor from Bellville Congregation and his wife Margaret taking some time to share a moment in Cape Town at Mama’s Africa.
On our way to another great meeting in Cape Town.
Stellenbosch Congregation organized a great evening event ‘Food is on the Table’  to
give us time to share with mission minded agents.  Andre Serfontein (back right) is the Ministry Leader
from Stellenbosch Congregation.
Friends enjoying time with us!  Elma Marais (middle) visited us a few months ago
on the base in Mozambique after their Africa visit through Tanzania.
Past Dewald de Kock and Susan Bosman sharing a lighter moment in the kitchen.
Dewald is a legend when it comes to Mozambique (5 visits) and Susan visited us in July this
year …. sharing her cooking skills with us.
Alta with friends at the Stellenbosch missions evening.
Dewald de Kock sharing some of his friends with me.  Many of them have had the
opportunity to visit me somewhere in their lifetime.  Was amazing to see how many students
and friends visited us throughout the years.
Always time to enjoy nature as we travel to meetings and engagements.  Sunset in
Blouberg, Cape Town.

And what would a visit be without a picture from Table Mountain.

Breakfast joy!  Johannes (second left in the back) was my roommate in  Uganda as
we shared stories in Amahoro on post-Colonial missions.  Attie (congregational manager from
Stellenbosch Congregation) and his wife, Jansie organized some time together.
Johan Roos – one of the farmers visiting us showed his wine farm to us!
And YES … we did get some time with my own family.  Mom and step dad enjoying
Off to Kayamandi I went – a township in Stellenbosch where I had the opportunity
many years ago to build a community center called the Legacy Community Center.

Had the opportunity to lead a Bible study and share some transformational stories with the
amazing staff of the Legacy Community center.  Was great to see what they did with the
center.  Louise Fourie (left) runs the center with medical and community staff.