I invite you to travel with me through Southern Africa (South Africa to be exact) and many of its hidden treasures in small towns …. through valleys and mountains.  I have been quiet through the many thousands of kilometers travelled …. apologies.  This time of the year is extremely important as we connect with friends, partners and many many other transformational agents who helps us in Mozambique.  It’s a time to share vision, God’s calling and the many dreams we have for Mozambique and Africa.  Between the stories, smiles, DVDs, promotional material and slide shows ….. it’s really the miraculous story of God that surfaces as the highlight of it all.
By the time you read this I would probably have had more than my share of breakfasts.  This is our second stop in Johannesburg sharing the Good News with friends and mission partners.
A great setting and a great breakfast.  Amazing when we look for great settings  like these to invite our partners how open  the owners of guest houses is to help us out.
Elaine Prinsloo our South African liaison and national coordinator answering questions.
One of the many exhibitions on the Women’s Ministry arts and crafts produced in Mozambique.