I am still breathless (although I had some good rest the last few days) – mostly due to the fact of meeting  the most wonderful ‘creatures’ God has created on this planet – HIS people.  If I have to share all the many faces it would be a blog post that would be considered for the ‘longest blog post’ in modern history.  But some of them went out of their way to influence my lifestyle … forever.

To get to the first lady …. I had to use my GPS and found her at an amazing spot in Cape Town:

I think I am the only one that can still get lost with a GPS on board.  Luckily I had my
talking GPS with me … my wife.  She brings sanity to a ‘lost case’ like me.

Arrived at last …. and the view was spectacular.

 A life changer – Annemie Bosh.  I met Annemie at an Amahoro Gathering for African leaders in Rwanda and again in Johannesburg at the same gathering a year later.  Annemie Bosch, the widow of the late South African theologian and missiologist David Bosch (author of Transforming Mission and Believing in the Future) is an exceptional lady (although she will have my head for saying that)!

“The popular term ‘missional’ has meaning largely because of David’s work. David was not just a thinker, author and teacher; he was also an activist on the street, a courageous white South African who was deeply involved in the struggle against apartheid and for justice and reconciliation”, so say Claude Nikondeha – director of the Amahoro Institute.
“But David didn’t work alone: at his side was his wife, Annemie Bosch, and she has continued their work since David’s death in 1992. In addition to being the beloved mother to their seven adult children and grandmother to twenty grandchildren, she continues to work and speak for justice and reconciliation in South Africa’s ongoing struggles.”

Alta (my wife) with Annemie Bosch.
What a great privilege being a friend of a legend.  And at Annemie’s youthful
age she has true fire in the bones.

Even the Bible Society pitched in to help us on our way.  On the same day I met Annemie I was struggling to get hold of 100 special Bibles for Mozambique.  Due to paperwork, red tape (yes, they have all of that too when purchasing Bibles) this unnamed gentleman below took ACTION and got the Bibles CHOP-CHOP as we would say in Cape Town.  He made my day and saved us a lot of traveling in the process.  Without the Bible Society it would be nearly impossible to do our work and share the Good News to the many thousands in Mozambique who still doesn’t own their own Bible.

I still don’t know who this gentleman is BUT this is to all the unnamed and quiet heroes out
there who changes thousands of lives without them even knowing it (or care not to
think about it!!)  VIVA

My next legend is a gentleman supreme.  He influences more people missionaly than the Pope himself.  Past. Christo Walters is a man of little words but when he speaks it is loaded with God’s Missio Dei and it’s powerful and life changing.  Met him Saturday at a mission’s breakfast of Blouberg Congregation with Past. Brad Espin.


  • In a village of 100 people:  13 Would be born-again Christians, 21 would be nominal Christians in word, 47 would be non-Christians and 19 of them have never heard of JESUS CHRIST.
  • 1,5 Billion people of the 7 billion on our planet has never heard the Good News that Jesus has come to set us all FREE!
  • Of the 40 000 churches in South Africa only 1 500 of them send out missionaries (transformational engineers);
  • For every R1 a church collects most of them spend 98,2c inside the church.

Makes one think ….. great then to end with the words of Jim Elliot on the next photo! Blessings.

Past. Christo Walters teaching with passion in getting churches ‘mission ready’ for
Mission Possible!