WOW … God has great people all around the globe.  My long-long road journey from Mozambique has finally reached its final destination – CAPE TOWN – at last.  We have had a great time on the road and met amazing people.  We had various preaching engagements with exhibitions and here is a few of the people we met at the Goodwood Mission Conference 2011.  They had a 8 day missions event that blew us away.  The hospitality …. well to say the least …. was breathtaking!

People opened their doors from everywhere – and gosh the food everywhere was amazing.  Meeting in a house with missionaries from Turkey, Madagascar, Zimbabwe with the local mission pastor in the middle.
House- and cell groups came together to celebrate the stories from Mozambique.  Even though so many go through their own deserts and storms they came in numbers from everywhere to praise GOD!
When it came to exhibitions and helping us setting up or prepare food we never had a shortage of help and smiles.
And people came from everywhere to celebrate God’s goodness – even in Mozambique. 
A lighter moment with Naomi Moss – lecturer at Africa School of Missions and Annette Burger (far left)  – missionary in the Kalahari desert (of all places!  Really!)