I love flowers and travelling through South Africa you just find them around every corner.  Not that Mozambique does not have them ….. they are hidden everywhere if you are willing to go out and look for them – specially after fires (which just about now should be raging in Mozambique – burning season as we call it.)
Flowers do remind me of people (sometimes) – colorful, different, shades, smells and varieties.  And on our way we met some of the most amazing people who have changed our lives for the better – forever.  I am still travelling and have forced myself to back off from the 120 km/h speed limit to about 90 km/h …. and amazing what you see at slower speeds.

Meet Ans van der Hyde.  This remarkable lady has done a lot of translations for us with some amazing books for kids.  “English for Africa” was one of her creative ideas and we used these books extensively in Mozambique.  She is currently translating a book in Chewa for the Malawian women.  She retired in Oudtshoorn and we were fortunate to visit her.  I salute our more senior Transformational Agents …. who refuses to retire … rather “re-fire”!
My wife thought (since I love the bush and flowers) that I should pose for this one.  Except for me – the flowers really compliments the photo.


Leaving Oudsthoorn for Mossel Bay and Stilbaai

The small coastal town of Stilbaai – visiting more mission friends!


Seagull with an attitude – and some lipstick for the occasion.