If there is one thing you do as a transformational engineer it is talking ….. and eating.  I spend many hours explaining that “mission … is not just the traditional getting people INTO the church, but that mission is EVERYTHING around us. It includes all – creation, humans, relationships … and bridge building too”.  Here in Cape Town people don’t just listen to what you say …… they go into ACTION mode.

 But I do think in the last few weeks as I am visiting churches and other transformational agents that they are under the impression that living far out in the bush is synonym  with “not eating”.  Oh  my goodness …. they fed us well around here in Cape Town.  Yesterday for example I ended the day with my 6th meal. Gluttony is a fact and a close companion which you have to fight all the way.  Outrageous …. but that is just how South African hospitality works.

And to round it off …… one of our missional minded “green” churches spoiled us by taking us up the mountain and down the valley.  A few quick pics to share the day:

We were greeting on our “green echo trip” with the most beautiful scenery imaginable.

The old Bedford truck took us from the main road to the “Echo friendly station”.
Arriving at the station
Well … sort of a train …. greeted us at the starting point.
The start of our 5h trip up the mountain.

“Runaway train”
Meet Past. Nico Botha – mission pastor with a passion for God’s work all around the globe.
There were many stops on the way – and even some water holes where we found interesting refreshments.  The spirit was great amongst all the transformational engineers on the route.
Light at the end of the tunnel.