We have had a busy time with several seminars the last few weeks.  I am currently on the road down south while our other partners are continuing seminars in northern Mozambique.  We have various objectives and strategies when it comes to training leaders in Mozambique.  We invite the core Mozambican leadership to central Mozambique twice a year (for the women once a year) and then visit each zone and province personally to teach and reward faithful students of course.


To see these men in action is a jaw dropper.  Their training consist of a theological, leadership, community and health component through 6 years of training.  Some of our leaders just completed their 26 course journey and were handed their certificates.  It’s amazing to think that these 50 leaders we trained will go back and teach another 1 000 leaders who then will reach more than 60 000 church members.  This is what we call serious multiplying in the bush!

They study under difficult circumstances but always seem to come back for their exams exited with the great things God is doing in their communities.  The study material is secondary …… as the course concentrate on practical theology.  An area on which they are severely tested.  After all …. a theological doctorate degree doesn’t meet too much in the bush!

A  more serious moment!
One of our classes studying hard for their exams.

A great moment as many of our new leaders receives their first Bibles that they will take back to their churches.  Mostly all of these Bible schools are so deep in the bush that it is nearly impossible to buy a Bible.

Most of our pastors live in the Delta, close to the Zambezi river and lives in extreme poverty.  At the end of the seminar they got some clothing donated by many friends in South Africa.  They will share this with their families as they travel back.
Meet Joao …. he was one of our students in our  primary school.  Due to his excellent performance he was chosen to continue his studies in high school.  He is not just an excellent student but spiritually has grown tremendously.  He was chosen by his church to lead them at this young age.  He was enrolled in the theology course and already completed 2 of the 26 modules successfully.   Well done Joao!!


If you’ve been in Africa you will know that music is EVERYTHING.  Really …. it’s everywhere.  It’s in the bones and DNA of every African.  They move rhythmically without even trying.  Young boys beat the drums before many of them can walk.  Babies go to sleep as their mothers dance them into an African beat on their backs.  Music draws everyone together around a campfire.  BUT sadly in many churches song writing and creating their own brand of music is neglected.  With this in mind, Rick Cogbill – a friend of the mission brought some friends from Canada to help the local church understand worship and how to start writing your own songs in your own cultural setting.  It was a highlight many will never forget.

Setting up the church for their first music seminar ever!

SOUND CHECK:  Rick Cogbill sorting out a few problems before he got started!

Tuning music instruments.  Churches has very little exposure to new music instruments …. something Rick introduced during the seminar.  They ‘jammed’ well!

Todd Green (left on the drums) and Rick Cogbill with the guitar getting into the African rhythm.

Tomas Same showing his skills on the keyboard.  It was amazing to see how quickly he learned new songs.  He cannot read music but he picked up new tunes within a few seconds.  Amazing!

Rick Cogbill teaching on “worship music” in the church.

The end of yet another day in the bush!  Many happy people and lasting memories!