“I think I can see now”, says the old lady softly in her corner.  Alta asks curiously, “Do you mean you were blind and you can see?”  She still doesn’t smile and repeats softly:  “I can see …. I could never read and that means I never new where I was going on the bus ….. but now I can see where I am going.”   After spending some time with her we realized that through the literacy program this lady was able for the first time to read the destination on the bus she takes to town.  She got lost so many times and neighbours had to bring her back to her house.  This is but one of the most amazing stories after women found their way through the literacy program for women being presented.  The story of this 70 year old lady brought everyone to tears as she said “I met Jesus too!”  The literacy program uses the Bible to teach literacy.
They travelled more than 800 km to get to their first seminar.  Through the literacy program the women participants in Northern Mozambique grew to more than 1 800 ladies eager to learn how to read and write through the “Simukai – Stand Up” program.  This year the seminar was held in Pina – a small rural village about 5 km from the mission base.  Five ladies were chosen by their schools to represent them.  
Everyone helped to organize the women’s seminar at Pina.  Boys carrying a mattress for the ladies staying over.  Hospitality in Mozambique is something quite unique.
Ladies were not just taught how to present classes, but were taught how to teach and present arts and crafts to their villages and communities.
The women from Northern Mozambique presenting their “ministries” to the pastors.  Given the culture and its limits when it comes to rural women there are many bridges that these ladies need to overcome – the lack of literacy only one huge obstacle.  We work through churches and pastors to ensure the success of the program.
Learning how to be effective teachers and coordinators in their communities also ensure that leadership qualities are build into these brave ladies.
Time for a practical lesson.
Just one of the difficulties is that ladies travel and come to class with their babies and children.  Men will hardly look after them which means classes are often interrupted by the children.  Not easy when you try to learn how to read and write.

One of the wonderful moments ……. when ladies start caring for each other spiritually.
Teachers from the Women’s Ministry praying for a sick child.
Proud class of 2011 completing their seminar.


Donalia (lady on the right) came from Tambara (450 km away) to attend the Lady’s seminar.  Donalia, many years ago raised Maria (photo:  left) when she was orphaned.  Maria left the house of Donalia more than 10 years ago as she had to look after herself due to food shortages.  When Donalia came to the seminar she could not believe her eyes.  Maria (now nearly 30 years of age) was also part of the program in another province in Mozambique.  Tears started flowing when they recognized each other.  Indeed a miracle in a country where people struggle to travel and try to keep in touch.  It was a re-union like no other.  God truly works in amazing ways.  Both are Christians and Maria is happily married with her own child.  Just one of the ways the women’s ministry bring people together!  And all of that through reading and writing.  VIVA!