I have been awfully quiet the last few weeks due to many friends visiting the base in central Mozambique.  They came by bus (and some travelled more than 52 hours on the same bus), some left by plane ….. but they all travelled from very far.   They varied from so many backgrounds and geographical locations that it was amazing to see how God brought everyone together.  We had theologians with doctorate degrees, theology students, nurses, carpenters, social advocates, air traffic controllers, bankers, business people, farmers, chefs, school students, insurance guru’s, revenue service auditors and even chimney specialists …. we had them all!

From a youthful 80 years of age to an experienced 13 year old teenager they had one thing in common:  To bring transformation through serving, loving and being present in the lives of many.  I am busy updating the blog at a fast pace …. so will be back in a few hours with fresh stories from the bush!