If there is something many kids in rural Mozambique does not own then it must be a good pair of shoes.  Many of our school kids walk an average of 8 km per day to get to our bush school.  Some have to cover more than 16 km through the bush and rivers.  But day after day they arrive …. barefoot.  Most of them never had the privilege to have their own pair of shoes.

As ‘prayer’ would have it …. we received help from the south.  Mellville Botha and Rudi van Tonder visited us from as far as Polokwane to make our dream a reality.  He had boxes of shoes with him.  Mellville saw the need a few months ago as they visited us with an outreach team.  Needless to say …. the kids were ecstatic when we shared the news with them.  Owning your own pair of shoes for the first time was just to much for some as they couldn’t stop laughing.  It was …… seriously contagious throughout the more than 150 kids that lined up.

Christmas arrived early!  After fitting the shoes (many of them absolutely brand new) some struggled at first to get going ….but once they got the feel of it …. they kept on walking!  We had to stop a few in the process …. priceless to experience.


Brand new school shoes.

My personal favorite.


Just as I though I have seen the best for the day – much to my surprise a deep longing and a prayer that I have been quietly praying for some months now, has been answered in a spectacular way.  My Jesus-film equipment has been in service for the last 10 years but after a decade their time was nearing its end.  I told no one …. and yet again to my surprise God answered.  Through some great friends I was provided  with BRAND NEW equipment to continue a ministry that is very close to my heart.  I have seen thousands of people finding joy (and Jesus) through the Jesus film ministry.

I mean …. when GOD gives …. he gives in a way that makes your jaw fall!  God is so gracious and He is using people who is willing to go the extra mile.  The equipment that was received was very expensive but God made a way through the hearts of HIS people.  And yet again (shamefully) my socs have been blown off by GOD’s nature.

Mellville from Polokwane handed over the brand new generator, lights and a new
contraption he designed to put up our movie theatre.

Seriously need to thank all of you for not forgetting our kids and all the projects we run through HIS grace.  Without you we would never have been able to show God’s love in a practical way.  Thank you for being a co-worker with us and Christ!