Another team we have had long relationships with on the mission base arrived shortly after the Stellenbosch team left.  And yes … you are correct – we have been thoroughly blessed by all the great friends caring for Mozambique.  Henri Weideman, a friend I have known for more than 20 years arrived with a group of nearly 30 people ranging from nearly 80 to the youngest member, 13 years of age.  Henri Weideman was probably the reason why I am a transformational engineer today when he introduced me to the concept of living a “true mission”.


Crossing borders through an average of 3 countries at a time can be hazardous for your health!
A lot of prayer and grace is needed as many groups carry materials, clothing and food to make it through the trip.

The group, consisting out of 3 different congregations (Bellville, Blouberg and Goodwood)  arrived quietly through the borders after 52 hours from Cape Town.  Without wasting much time they got into the groove quickly by helping us with the many jobs on the base.  After a short introduction on the ministries and visiting some of them the team chose the areas they were interested in.  From painting our bush schools to helping government schools many buildings and lives were coloured in.


We were totally blessed by the inward changes God was doing throughout the team.  As many members kept on telling us:  “It is not so much the Mozambicans that are changed through our coming but rather us that are being changed inwardly through their commitment and lives!”

Mozambican ladies praying for one of our visitors.

Visiting ladies paying a visit to one of the “SUMUKAI” lady schools in Macadeira.

 “An old dog can learn new tricks!”

As we listened to the team witnessing how they were changed by the Mozambicans, Dwight recalled one story that was quite amazing:  Willie ( a 65 year old South African gentleman) should really not have come on the trip because he recently had back surgery, and a 52 hour bus ride would normally discourage even those in fairly good health. But he felt he had to come and Henry, the pastor leading the short-term mission had the courage to bring him along.

“I don´t know why I had to wait this long in my life or why I had to come to Mozambique for this to happen,” said Willie, “but for the first time ever I had the courage to lay my hands on someone and pray publicly for them.” Willie went on to share how he had never even been able to say grace publicly, but since praying for a needy person in Mozambique, he has been set free and has prayed out loud a number of times now. The excitement and transparency with which Willie shared touched us all.
Don´t ever give up on yourself and your Heavenly Fathers amazing ability to take you to a new level of faith and experience!
To give you some highlights of what the team achieved during their time here is nearly impossible!  I will cover their story with photos in 2 posts!


Dr. Henri Weideman handing over some Bibles to Past. Tome Mabuleza.  Bellville Congregation
is one of our main supporters when it comes to helping us getting scarce Bibles to communities in the bush!

Even the local government school in Mucombeze was blessed with sports equipment.  The Director of the school (the more serious gentleman) Senhor Almeida receives the soccer balls with his sports teacher, Maria acknowledging the gift.

So what do we do when groups arrive on the base and how do they meaningfully change poverty around us?  Is there still a place for short term “outreach”?  See our next posting on how we tackle these questions?