South African fighter aircraft on a training mission over a cold and snowy South Africa.
So while South Africa is covered in snow in various places and many people try to stay warm during power cuts in other places we have had very nice warm days in the bush reaching 30 degrees C on some days.  Weeks are flying by and the last few weeks feels like being on auto-pilot.  I know we are flying …. but it goes by soooooo quick!   We have had a busy week with Women Seminars and Intensive Training Seminars with more than 50 leaders from all over Mozambique.  (Blog postings to follow!)
BUT …. through all of this we have had great visitors too from Polokwane helping us with training and outreaches.  And through all the activities we even had time to prepare for a nice BBQ (read:  BRAAI as we call it in Africa!)  It was a BRAAI with a difference though as I took our visitors for a braai at a “higher altitude” as normal.
They say meat tastes different at higher altitudes …. so we tried it out!  We went up
a hill and tried it out – carrying even our small “braai”!  We call everything here a “braai”!

ACTION!  One of our visitors making sure that the precious cargo on the fire does not
become a “burnt offering”.

Just showing off …. and trying to convince everyone that I can actually “braai”.

A quiet moment as we are contemplating on our good plate of food.

Urs Bricker … our Swiss social pedagogue decided that table manners is not needed
in the bush.  He enjoyed lying down while he was eating.