Urs Bricker has given up 2 months of his personal time to travel all the way from Switzerland, the Alps, the snowy peaks, green parks, flowing rivers ….. and oh my goodness …. the Lindt Chocolate factory to come and help out on the mission base in old dusty Mozambique.

Urs is a social pedagogue who helps kids in distress to find their way back in life.  Come to think of it …. he is a compass giver and has done this successfully for the last 7 years.  Not just did he cross the Alps he also walked with a group of teenagers across the Alps to the coast of Italy as a character building effort – he also speaks Japanese.  Imagine that!  A Japanese speaking Swiss German who is working in Portugeuse Africa.  But for us – we call him the man with the smiling eyes.  He has a joke ready when you least expect it and always a wise word or two.

So when Urs asked me to see some wildlife in Mozambique I decided to take him to the well known Gorongoza Game park in Central Mozambique.  He was looking for lion and elephant …. so the hunt was on.  (All photos taken in the Gorongoza Game Park)

We saw some amazing Nile crocodiles.  Fat and overweight if you ask me!

Bushbuck in the Gorongoza.  A very shy buck that won’t stay to long for a picture.

Waterbuck – the round circle on his backside usually gives him away.  (Looks like a “she” with
the eye-shadow!

We witnessed some amazing birdlife in the park.

Warthog is plentiful and running around everywhere.

The Gorongoza Game Park has been upgraded and service is friendly
and professional in English and Portugese.

Urs Bricker (left) and Andy Kuret both Swiss German gentleman
ready to hunt for lion and Elephant.  The new restaurant was a welcome site after a sunny day.

At last …. elephant.  Elephants in the park are very shy and are not use to tourists.
After driving on un-drivable roads we at last saw some really wild elephant.  Urs was ecstatic.

The bush was beautiful in the park and a true African scenery followed us throughout the park.

Time to go home as the sun sets on a great day!