I have been so deeply moved this weekend as I visited yet another bush church in the community.  Church services in the bush has a Western taste as they try to introduce a very “formal” liturgy through the secretary of the church.  It’s formal …. but never too serious.  Through the rhythmic songs and the drums beating faster than your heart rate you seriously try to follow the words which after many years in the bush still seems to evade me.

I am cordially invited (as usual) to bring a message of hope in an area that can really do with hope!  “It’s Pentecost Sunday” the preacher introduces the topic …. “we are expecting many things from God” ….. and as I stand up to take my place and look over the crowd I again realize that even after preparing the message …. my words are few!

It is when I call the people forward for prayer that the scene again touches me unexpectedly.  Voluntarily people started praying.  It starts as soft rain ….. like wind picking up the showers and it continues as thunder as the many lift op their heads and cry to God.  I see many women cry!  Tears in the bush is not a common sight.  The hardships, deaths, diseases has hardened many hearts.  There is no time to cry …. and women mostly carries many burdens and here in the bush they show very little emotion.  BUT today …. they cry.  I stand and listen to their cries ….. and realize GOD must be listening.  And softly I see God touching people.  Old women with many scars and crooked backs look at me with tears running from there faces, they smile and disappear back to their grass huts!  And I realize …. they have been touched by their Saviour.  Another day in an African church!


We were also able the last few weeks to distribute Bibles to many believers in churches from every denomination.  The thirst for Bibles is so huge here in Central and Northern Mozambique that I always wonder if we would ever be able to quench the thirst.  But partners like Taberna Dei (Polokwane) and Bellville Congregation understands this thirst and his currently helping us in a big way!  Thank you!  We have great news on new developments on the Bible front and is starting a project called:  “Lotz” of Good News (named after a partner who is helping us to establish an audio Bible project)!  But more on that later.


The choir leader on the right can hardly keep up as the kids gets into the worship part of the service!

There is not a lot of sophisticated music instruments in the African church in the bush and this boy is the only staff member in the church music department.

Church leaders receiving their first Bibles in their mother tongue.

I was privileged enough to have had great company from Mercy Air who
joined us in the celebration.

Pastor Mabuleza (blue jacket) and the district and national leadership was invited
to participate in the Bible miracle (as they described it!)