It was Mark Twain who once said:  “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. And we go around sharing a lot of that around here.  Here is a few pictures to tell some interesting stories:

Meet little TITO for example.  He is an orphan and lives with a widow about 5 km away.  He lost both his parents when he was a baby.  Our food gardens provides food to many orphans in our Amigo program.  Through a sustainable veggie project all our orphans are provided a good diet through these gardens.  Here little Tito receives his cabbage for the house.  BIG SMILES all around.
We also grow our own banana trees in our gardens.  Stopping at the school with bananas is a big affair.  Everyone runs to help and wants to offload the produce.  Our schools feed about 250 kids every day of the week.  Fresh vegetables and fruits are part of the diet we provide daily.
Meet Rosa (thanks Rick & Bob) who has lost her husband during the long civil war in Mozambique.  She stood on a landmine as she was working on the fields.  Her right foot was amputated at the shin.  To keep herself alive and her kids she kept working on her fields on her knees.  Through so many kind people on the base she was provided good quality crutches to help her move along.  The only crutch she was using was a wooden stick.  I love the SMILE again!


Visiting our school clinic with our first aid officer, Ernesto Abudu.
Urs is a Swiss social pedagogue.  He specialises in youth struggling to adapt to social life.  Very interesting guy and listening to his stories makes you salute the man.  He climbed the Alps and once led a group of teenagers from Switzerland to the coast of Italy …. across mountains, valleys and rivers (on foot of course!).  Believe it or not he speaks Japanese and lived in Japan for 10 months.
He is currently serving us for 2 months and visited our bush schools.  Although the biggest trouble our kids have in the bush is not wanting to wash the pots for their parents ….. we still learn a lot from people like Urs.