Just could not resist this photo!  A bit more dusty where we are …. but about the same moves
here in the bush ….!  We danced for different reasons though …. oh yes … and the white
suit would not work here!

If John Travolta was ever in Mozambique he would have loved the “Saturday Night Fever” moves I witnessed yesterday in a small village called Macadeira.  Imagine leaders getting together for an “evangelism seminar” on a Saturday (can’t see that happening in the western hemisphere where church is limited to about an hour if you’re lucky).  But that’s how I found them.  Dancing, screaming and loud shouts of excitement as I arrived with their materials.  And the moves ….. in the dust …. coughingly priceless.

Even ladies who struggled to read and write was taught how to effectively share the Gospel with their friends through friendship evangelism.
The ladies who passed their practical couldn’t believe when they too received their kits.

There is no tango, samba, ramba or a salza but pure African beat and “tampa” as we call it here.  All because they were getting ready to receive evangelism materials.  What made it special and exciting was the fact that we had training for our first women evangelists ever.  A sight to behold as they appeared from everywhere to do their first training session.

And yes … of course the men were there too.  In their serious suits and ties too!  The day ended with practical lessons and everyone had to pass the practical exams before receiving their “package”.  We concentrate on friendship evangelism where building relationships with neighbours is the focus point.

Graduate students  – some more serious than others.
Like everywhere we train …. their is always smiling kids nearby!

The Church in Macadeira arriving in full force on Saturday for a day’s training!