PHOTO:  A colorful noise!  I was greeted this morning by a lot of dancing and singing
on Children’s Day – 1 June 2011

I was thinking of the Hollywood version of “meet the kids” if ya know what I mean but decided to rather “Africanize” the topic a little.  Anyway …. looking at pictures makes our world come a little bit closer to your world perhaps.  But if there is one thing I have learned from a few visits to Rwanda …. it’s not just about the photos – it’s about the names and personalities behind those photos that brings people very close in your face.

So let me share a few of your family members to you which you have not personally met (yet).  They are all seeking Christ in their own way and I have no doubt that they all will become phenomenal human beings changing the lives around them with not just social answers to difficult problems but also with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here is a few I caught this morning by surprising them with a LOT of food for their Children’s Day party:

NAME:  “Scotcha” – Eliza
AGE:  5
PERSONALITY:  Dynamite – very alive, great leader abilities
LIKES:  To sing, dance, play …. loves milk
NAME:  Naomi
AGE:  5
PERSONALITY:  Very friendly, small heart (Wants to be a teacher!)
LIKES:  Sweats, cool drink and friends
NAME:  Anna-Lynn Abudu
AGE:  3
PERSONALITY:  Shy, sweet
LIKES:  Sweats, playing
NAME:  Regina
AGE:  5
PERSONALITY:  Very friendly, playful – a good friend (Wants to be a nurse!)
LIKES:  Chocolate, biscuits, milk.  Don’t like boys that makes fun of her.

NAME:  Lingizai
AGE:  6
PERSONALITY:  A team player, friendly (Wants to fly a Deca Helicopter one day!)
LIKES:  Soccer, friends, and satza (local maize meal)

NAME:  Paulo
AGE:  13
PERSONALITY:  Mr. Cool, kind, warm and friendly (for a teenager that is!)  (Wants to be a RAP star)
LIKES:  Music, soccer and friends.  Very social!

NAME:  Unknown (I met him on the road this morning on his way to school!)
AGE:  12
PERSONALITY:  Friendly, shy and caring  (Wants to be a truck driver)
LIKES:  Soccer, family, friends …. and lots of fish!