Banking with God has amazing advantages.  And for the average Christian ….. they would probably nod in acceptance!  But I have seen yet again how interesting the economics work when you bank with God.  Before I share the bank policies ……. a story about a pastor who visited me a few days ago on the base and shared his “investment story”.

Past. Gonsalves (left) sharing his story and receiving even more Bibles to take to the mountain people of Gorongoza.

His name is Pastor Gonsalves.  I met him more than 10 years ago when he heard that new missionaries arrived in the bush who would probably be able to help him to acquire much needed Bibles.  I liked him.  His smile and extremely humble personality impressed me, I remember fondly.  The outreach to Gorongoza was a difficult one from the start.  The community on the Gorongoza mountain was nearly impossible to get to.  I remember leaving the vehicle behind due to the terrain.  Many smiling faces and willing hands were available to carry the heavy generator, speaker system, fuel and Bibles up the mountain for another 15 km.  It was the community’s first visit ever by a “foreigner”.  I remember showing the Jesus film and even after we finished at 23:30 in the late cold evening people still arrived after the movie.  The need and hunger was tremendous!  It was like sheep without a Shepherd!  I was sad when I left as I always felt that I could and should have done even more.

Past. Gonsalves arrived this morning with such a smile that I wondered what was so good on this cold morning.  He shared how after the Jesus film we shared “Jesus stories” and testimonies.  These stories travelled amongst the communities and small groups were established  all around the mountain.  It took ten years to complete and cover the entire mountain with small groups and churches.  Church not only grew but new buildings were erected everywhere.  God has changed a total community on the mountain.  The seeds sown 10 years ago was harvested and the harvest is plenty.  He nearly danced as I committed to visit the mountain people of the Gorongoza again with a stash of Bibles.

Past. Paulo Escova from Honde receiving his “investment seed”.

And I realized …. God’s banking is very unique:

  • The interest will sometimes only pay out after 10 years – and although short term investments do pay off it is really the long term investments that is worth considering!
  • God’s Bank works exactly the opposite of any earthly bank.
  • There is no bank charges.
  • The Bank Manager is always available and you need no credit record.
  • There is no financial collapse or Greece who needs a bailout.
  • It’s open 24-7!

Thank you all for playing such a big part in making great investments in Mozambique.  May God bless you all.  Thank you GOD – all the honour belongs to you!