A lot of dust this morning as everyone is working around the base this morning!  A few highlights here and there to show how great the team is working in the various departments on the base.  Nice to see!


Ready?  Action ….. cleaning the school yard.

Lost in the dust!
Everyone partakes in the fun.  Here is one of our girls carrying water to the kitchen after the big “spring clean”.

“To serve” is such a frightening few words that we quickly tend to get out of the way when it’s mentioned.   Humans are wired to sustain themselves and serving doesn’t come  natural – we would rather sit and watch someone else do what we are suppose to do!  Rather sit back and see someone else stand up and fight for justice or rather with a shrug of the shoulder say:  “that’s just the way it is”!  So glad this morning for everyone around me taking up whatever tool they are using and say:  “I choose to do this – I am here – use me.”  Very cool indeed.

Photo left:  Ron Wayner (Mercy Air) working the “Scorpion” to fill up foundations at the newly build Training Centre.

Photos below taken by our base journalist (she is everywhere … lol):  Lynn Lagore

Photo left:  The Training Centre is quickly taking shape thanks to all the equipment that is currently available and working.

The Training Centre will serve not only the mission base but the broader population with various training modules planned.  A program for teachers and older orphan kids includes modules in computer literacy, mechanics, teaching, language studies, carpentry etc.

Photo left:  The roof going up at the training centre.  The wonderful part of the construction is that so many took part in the process and many skills were taught to our local workers which are all from the surrounding community.