We’ve all done it somewhere in our lives – swimming against the stream!  It is a tiring experience specially if you are not a good swimmer.  But somehow you tell yourself it’s worth it.  Fighting that fight that no one wants to fight with you or from the sideline you hear someone murmuring:  “That guy is fighting a loosing battle.  Just join the crowd and go with the flow for crying out loud.”  You don’t have time to listen or look as you are grasping for fresh air.   If you have a friend with you swimming against the tide it gets better – or so they say!  Well I was swimming to “Bible Island” trying to find scarse Bibles again.  Due to my spirit of being politically correct most of the time I shall not mention the organisations who gave me an extremely difficult time to find Bibles.

Francois with Rev. Fanie Loots, Director – Bibles for Believers.

A friend who really swims well upstream, Rev. Fanie Loots from Bibles for Believers came to my rescue as I was about to swallow a few cups of water involuntarily.  So why swim upstream?

And I have to admit ….. my wife Alta really gives me a difficult time if I don’t include her 2 000 ladies in the equation when it comes to Bibles.

  • 2 000 Ladies in our literacy program don’t have Bibles in their mother tongue and there is no way they can own their own Bible …. so I hear their cheers and cries!
  • 100’s Of children joins the choir on the riverbank to own their own Children’s Bible.
  • Pastors and believers in churches far out in the bush begs for the privilege to own their own Bible to teach others!
Bibles for Believers came to our rescue and were the only providers of scarse Bibles in the country.  Their vision is to assure that every believer in Africa has their own Bible.  Although we still could not find Chewa Bibles at an affordable price we got Shona Bibles.  We carried more that 480 Bibles through potholes and border posts and arrived safely back at the base with a truckload full of Bibles.
Rev. Fanie Loots and his wife with us …. and the precious cargo!
Due to the ongoing fight in the stream it was lifesavers like Bellville Congregation and Taberna Dei Church in Polokwane who jumped into the river to help us out ….. AGAIN!  God bless you as only HE knows how!