Here is taking a small break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  This link was sent to me by friend in Cape Town.  Photos were taken by a British tourist.  The scene plays out in the Eastern Cape at the Shamwari Game Reserve.

A lion chased the kudu bull from the bushes while another three lionesses were waiting for him.

When the male lion was about to pounce, the kudu made a gigantic jump over the waiting lions.

“A scratch on the leg will not stop my 4X4!”
“Another lion tried to get him in the air, but this also failed. They chased after the kudu but couldn’t catch him.”

“Nothing like beating the opponent!”

“Eat my dust Mr. king of the jungle!”

Wish the story ended well but according to reports the Kudu was eaten 2 days after the incident by the four lions.  The kudu was wounded during the jump and as a result it would have been easy for the lions to track it. The game ranger also said the four lions were young and inexperienced hunters.  Well … so much for surviving the food chain!