I am sitting in Mombasa, Kenya (Central, Eastern Africa) and smelling fresh coffee (and liking it!)  I don’t really drink coffee but Kenyan coffee has a great smell to it.  Or maybe it was the very kind Emmanuel serving it with his very kind smile and good manners.  I love Kenya …. and again it must be the people.  And …. I don’t have to try to speak in a foreign language with too many verbs to remember.  They speak English with such a good Oxford sound to it that if I close my eyes I could be at Buckingham palace ( ok … ok … you get the idea!)

Photo:  Entering Mombasa from the Airport
Photo:  Beaches galore …. and the photo was not even “doctored”!
Photo:  Mombasa harbour
The actual reason being here is attending a conversation with African leaders (church, community and business leaders all around Eastern Africa).  The trip is being made possible by Stellenbosch Congregation who is constantly seeking new methods of “being” not just in their own local context but also in Africa.  Meeting up with friends from the Congo, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania is always a highlight and listening to their unique problems and solutions has a way of leaving me in awe!  I will comment more in detail at a later blog posting on what was echoed through a very difficult topic for Africa:  GOSPEL ECONOMICS.

There I smell it again …. coffee.  Maybe I should have an overdose of caffeine and order a second cup of coffee.  Now where is Emmanuel again …..?

PHOTO:  Coffee was just “one” of the things you could get here!