Time flies when you’re having fun they say!  Or let me put it more bluntly:  Business before pleasure unless pleasure is your business.  And that is how I feel about what we are doing here in the bush.  We are currently busy planning yet another school who is really struggling in the bush.

PHOTO:  A typical classroom in the bush …. on dirt floors.  These are the classrooms we want to rebuild and change to make school more educational friendly.  These classes are not rainproof and seriously interrupt classes in the rainy season.

For me the term “transformational education” simply means that every child should have the opportunity to be able to study with enough infrastructure available to make this possible and allow every child to have the choice to choose his future through education.  Sadly in Mozambique that is still not a reality.  We are currently still paying the salaries of 4 teachers just to make education possible for about 250 children in the bush.  With a shortage of text books, pens, pencils and even exercise books this is still a huge challenge.  Simple things that the western educational system takes for granted is a huge problem here in the bush.

PHOTO:  A teacher trying his best with what he has available!
PHOTO:  A small classroom we painted to make education more fun!  

There is good news though.  With transformational agents all around the world we are gathering momentum to bring solutions to a very tough problem in central Mozambique.  England has a few of those wonderful “agents of change” around like Muriel, a science teacher (I have never met her) but with Barbara Rainford they have decided not to accept the fact that “that’s just how Africa is ….” but to DO something about it.  Thanks to them we could buy supplies for the year to make sure that the bush children of Mozambique has a year they can look forward too.  Thank you!