When you live in the bush there is little time to page back into the past.  Life is short ….. but I quickly browsed back to see what I wrote on Easter in 2010.  I was blown away when I read it:  ” It is interesting when you start searching on Easter. I got 70 600 000 direct hits and my bet is that about 70 599 000 of them would be an on Easter bunnies. I laughed when I searched and found the most amazing hits …. like:
  • “Eco Bunny”
  • Easter choclate
  • Bunny Funny
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Easter crafts
  • Easter humour
…. and so the list goes on! Hey …. let’s face it …. it is a searching Easter world out there thanks to Reverend Google.  By the way I came up with 234 000 000 hits this time with JESUS featuring a little higher up this time.   Thanks for helping us to help those who are searching for the true meaning of Easter. And I have to say this …. so glad we don’t have to rely on a bunny to be my best buddy! Easter is not an official holiday in Mozambique as we are still under “Marxism law” ……. but we still had the freedom to proclaim the great Message of Easter today wherever we went.  We decided to make 2011 special – it was all about giving – seeing people smile, enjoying the day.
Many orphans and families that were struggling were helped.  New clothing and other gifts brightening up their day, were distributed.  Churches came together in festive mood – we ate together and just enjoyed having Jesus Christ as Friend and Saviour. 
Oh … by the way …. Happy Easter to you all!
PHOTO:  Everyone is helping to carry the gifts back home!  Is that a Woolworths plastic bag?
Photo:  Oh … the joy!
Photo:  Getting new “bush” shoes is a big deal for a young girl!  Caring “mothers” helping to fit the new red shoes!
Photo:  And there you have it …. brand spanking new!  A total fashion statement for the bush!