There has been a lot in the media lately on Lady Gaga’s album “Born this way”.  One of her “hits” on the album, “Judas” has outraged many …. even the pope when she sings:  Jesus is my virtue, and Judas is the demon I cling to; I’m just a holy fool; oh baby he’s so cruel but I’m still in love with Judas, baby.”   I usually never comment on any of these on the blog but I so wish Lady Gaga was in Mozambique this weekend.  So this is a official invitation to Lady Gaga to visit us and experience the “bush people” of Mozambique, their hearts and their deep relationship with the One that brought true Freedom.


Nothing was going to stop the Resurrection celebrations over Easter in Mozambique.  We had lightning, thunder and lots of rain …. but the people stood in the rain and kept praising the LORD through it all.  We sang, danced and ate until we could no more!  We squeezed 250 people into a room that could hold no more than 150.  The other 100 stood in the rain watching the Jesus film (that was moved into the small church due to the rain)  …. or at least could hear the echoes of the speaker!  Everyone wanted to be in on the festivities.

And that is why I love the people of Mozambique so dearly!  When they commit they walk not just the extra mile ….. but continue throughout the whole journey (and they will carry YOUR luggage) through it all!  I know GOD loves them dearly …… now if He will only give me the right words to teach them this today!

We have a few Easter traditions here in the bush.  Let me share a few:

TRADITION 1:  Have everyone present!  Kids (unlike the Western world) is part of community life and attends all festivals and church “festas” and activities.

TRADITION 2:  Make sure the band is ready – and that there is enough 12 V batteries to go through the day and the night!

TRADITION 3:  The pastor and his interpreter is an unique part of the festivities!

TRADITION 4:  We need food …. and plenty of it!  The custom is to feed everyone that attends Easter weekends.  And we had more than 300 people attending!  Everyone brings something to the table!  I kinda like it!!!

TRADITION 5:  Contrary to many African beliefs …. the men needs to get in on the action too!

TRADITION 6:  Something you don’t see very often ….. the pastor getting in on the action.  He blesses the food by helping!