Take all of our building projects for example!  There are numerous projects running simultaneously  at the moment.  From housing projects to training facilities.  Through all these projects thousands upon thousands of people will be helped to show them their true potential and purpose in life.  Many of these will come to know real peace through Jesus Christ. 

One of our latest projects nearing completion is our Training Centre which will be used extensively.  We are currently working on a syllabus  to bring in many students in our orphan and external schooling program to teach computer literacy, sustainable agriculture, mechanics and carpentry skills.  Pastors and teachers will also be trained.  It will be a true “Life Centre” for many in the bush and beyond.

Here is a few pics to share on what is happening today:

Photo:  These are the “real” guys … making it all happen – building up their own country.  Without them there will be no transformational engineering.  Tomas Same (right with hat) is the leader-builder (pedrero) with his team.

Photo:  The site!

Photo:  The entrance of the training centre.

PHOTO:  The carpentry team making trusses for the training centre.  And they are “world class” when it comes to woodwork!

PHOTO:  Gabriel Lucas (nearest to the camera) is our Carpenter Guru!  He understands all the mathematics to make sure things are square.


PHOTO:  Even are garden is growing …… literally!  Andy Kuret is our newest helper and Agri specialist to make sure our gardens which provides food for our schools and orphan programs, are producing enough.  Andy proudly presents his new bean project!