Her name is Melody …. she is almost 2 years of age and had extreme difficulty to walk.  In fact she was unable to walk.   Eunice, her mom, very worried that Melody had some other problems, continually asked us to visit her baby and to pray – as God had to do something special for the baby!

As we received a group of visitors from Polokwane, RSA we thought it would be good for them to visit little Melody.  Arriving at the hut it was clear from the start that the little girl struggled to find any balance.  At that age many babies could already walk so we could understand the worries of Eunice.  With faith, hope and love as the only weapon, and that is all we really have here – the group gently and sensitively started praying!  I was getting ready to leave after the prayer until a lady in the group asked Eunice to hand over the baby.  The baby (which would usually cry as babies here are not use to white people) hugged the lady for a long time and rested her head on the shoulder of the lady.  She put the baby down and started walking with the baby out the door.

I was stunned to say the least.  And yet again I realized that God really takes care of also the “small” in life who cannot speak or pray for themselves.  Needless to say ….. we were in tears.  So I visited the mom and baby a few days ago ….. and got this snapshot:

He really does answer prayer!