Rick Cogbill visited us for the first time in March 2010.  He is a mechanic, writer and transformational agent.  He changed our lives …. and well our V6 Ford’s engine too!  He had a heart attack end of last year and decided right there that life is too short and too precious to retire.  He started a ministry, Mercy Tech Mission with the aim (as Rick puts it all to well):

“To serve needy communities worldwide by providing technical support, skilled labour, and on-site training to enhance the spiritual and physical quality of life.”

Rick decided to immediately put plans into action and is making a huge difference by planning a vehicle service centre on our base in central Mozambique.  Mission Director (Mercy Tech Ministries) Rick Cogbill and volunteer Bob Denesiuk are currently in Mozambique working at our base, and will be working here until the end of March. Among other carpentry jobs, Bob is working on constructing the trusses for a training centre that is nearing completion, while Rick is doing heavy duty maintenance on all the mission vehicles.  These two gentleman, if I might add in their early 50’s (I think I said that very politely!), does not leave and stone unturned.  It was sobering to see their servant heart as they not only served with their hand but also with their hearts.  They visited many of our ministries and served there as well as in the churches.  

They don’t look as clean and proper as they arrived due to dust, sweat, dust and more sweat.  I Personally think they will not pass through any Canadian immigration or custom point.  But that is a problem for later – we want to keep them here as long as possible.

And yes …. my FORD (Samson) had yet again had to have open heart surgery and a bypass in the same operation and survived again.  Rick also has a passion to train local Mozambicans as mechanics who will also work in our vehicle workshop once it is finished.


Our Mini-van recieving some urgent attention where it matters most – or so I think!
Even the police stopped by to make sure their “ultra fast thief catching mobile” was checked for defects.

Bob crossing a bridge to do a bush visit – ignoring the crocodiles watching from a distance!

Bob, Ron and the team cutting wood for the bridge being constructed.

Now how do we transport that huge log …. or is the question how will manpower move it on the truck?

BOB doing what he does best – build!  

Many thanks to Rick and Bob for photos borrowed!  One can only visit so many places at once!