Someone once said that one of the most powerful things you can have in any organization is the power of the volunteer.  We feel that power daily.  Take our Women Ministry for example – nearly 2 400 women in the program and every single one of them is a volunteer.  They do it because they believe in the vision to empower other ladies to read and write.

This time of the year we receive many volunteers who reaches out to other less fortunate people through our base in central Mozambique.  These men and women use their own sources to fly around the world to touch others in unique ways.  Today was no different at all.  I took Bob Denesiuk to our bush school.  Him and his wife went out to purchase some stationary and soccer balls for the school.  Need I say more – the kids waited somewhat impatiently for us to arrive:

Photo:  It was hot today in Mozambique and kids waited for the surprise of the day!

Photo:  No these are not dentists or doctors – they are our Primary School teachers in their beloved school teaching uniform.  I tried it on ….. but it doesn’t work while I travel on the motorbike – many bow as I past so I decided to dress in more humble clothing …. much like Mr. BOB!

Photo:  Soccer balls handed over to our teachers.  Never mind FIFA or the fact that the Soccer World Cup is over – in MOZAMBIQUE soccer fever never dies.

Photo left:  Finding stationary is sometimes difficult and the pre-school kids had to work for their stationary today!  A – E – O – I – Uuuuuuuuuu
they cried out so show Mr Bobo (as they called him) that they too know much about vowels!

Photo:  Bob, kids and teachers ecstatic about their gifts.