We started in Sena – the gracious river people of the Zambezi …. living in the Delta and moved on to Quilemane!  Different communities altogether we realised as we continue training local church leaders.  With a huge concentration of some wonderful Muslim people in the north eastern parts of Mozambique we experienced their openness when it came to the GOOD NEWS of the Gospel.  Using an old method that was started in the late 17th century we continue training pastors by using the Heart of Man chart.

With Wheels for God as partner we made sure that the more than 100 pastors trained each not only received an evangelism kit, but also had the privilege to receive a bicycle to spread the GOOD NEWS more efficiently.  Bicycles are still the most important way of transport in rural Africa.

We just finished another training session in GURU, central Mozambique with some great men of GOD arriving early on a Saturday morning.  Here are some highlights in a short movie put together!  Enjoy!

Please keep on praying for our churches and pastors, who in very difficult circumstances, serve God through serving their people. They seem to never give up through sickness, disease …. and even death. They are the real faith heroes of today!