When I was younger I just loved comic books about just every hero there was.  From Iron man right through to Richie Rich.  Some of those comic book heroes stood out like no other – “SUPERWOMAN”. Hollywood’s version of Superwoman always amazes me.  Blond,  gym strong ….. and always the outfit!  And she flies too.  Like Superman they overcome many obstacles to fight evil so good can prevail.   So I have always liked them.

It’s Heroes Day in Mozambique!  Once you have seen and experienced the amazing people all over Africa and other parts of the world I have come to realized how many unsung heroes there really are.  Through the world’s most horrific disasters you will find them acting heroically without many noticing.  In Africa, and more specifically Mozambique I see them everyday.  WOMEN!  Taking care of their families in miraculously wonderful ways.

To support all these wonderful superwomen we have started many years ago to train these ladies to read and write using the Bible as a tool to do this.  With astonishing results throughout the country.  More than  2 300  ladies gather across the country to study and in the process uplift their families and communities.  Alta Rauch recently opened yet another women school in Chimoio.  The most amazing thing is when the men comes to the front and ask, “may we also start a men school to do what you do?”  Even more powerful than all of this is when you realize all of these ladies all over the country are volunteers.  Teachers and monitors that are trained in these programs do this because they believe in themselves, in women and in the fact that as heroes they can make a difference.

So – to all those superwoman today surviving in the bush and all over Africa and third world countries (even Egypt today) –  here is to you for being such great heroes!


PS  Here are some photos of more Women Schools opened last weekend in Chimoio, Mozambique!

Photo:  Opening a new woman school without dancing and singing is totally unheard of.

Photo:  And yes …. the local one man band (electricity borrowed) was also their to partake in the festivities.

PHOTO:  Alta meeting with some of the leaders.

PHOTO:  A lot of eating and conversing after the business – as is the African way!