I have only been quiet the last few days due to an extremely full program.  I am still trying to figure out if I am currently sitting or standing!  Things seem to come at an astonishing pace ….. as I am trying to keep up.  And why?  Dwight was sharing a message a few mornings ago at our devotion time and one phrase stood out:  “Run your best at the end!”  And it makes a lot of sense serving the people of Mozambique.  No time to get tired now.

PHOTO:  In this course three girls need to share one book between them to do homework.

And of course  God is doing some awesome things (as He usually does!).  Just received our text books from government to really get the academical year started.  Sadly we have had yet again a shortage of 609 text books which means many kids will not be able to have their own book to study.  Sharing text books are not always the best way to teach – specially if you are in grade 5 to 7.  A bigger concern is the grade 1 and 2 students.  They need text books as they are learning to read and write for the first time.  The grade 1 students are 75 books short – which includes Portuguese and Mathematics.

PHOTO:  Our four teachers receive their quota of text books.

Although we always come up with a plan we ask help from whoever is out there.  If you wish to partner with us to make sure that at least our grade 1 students could get their own text book please contact me at lovemoz@sg.org.za.  The cost of a textbook for a grade 1 student is about US$10 each.

PHOTO:  Educational ecstasy … receiving their long awaited books for the year.

Through all of this ….. we still had a great time cheering about the books we DID RECEIVE.  Always something to be thankful for in the bush.  The joy of having a text book and be able to study is a wonderful gift here in the bush.  Although education needs to be a right for all ….. we still seriously lack “education for all”  in Mozambique.

PHOTO:  Little Chimboma (grade 5 student) reads a few phrases out of his new text book.