PHOTO:  Fixing a bridge while the river is flowing is not an easy task at all.  Charles Sixpence is our foreman (with the spade) and showing the workers how it should be done!

PHOTO:  Step 2 – fill sandbags and carry it to the new bridge being build!

PHOTO:  Step 3 – Engineering 101 = design a proper bridge!

PHOTO:  STEP 4 – A happy worker is a great worker!

PHOTO:  The local delicacy is “Satza” – maize meal that is boiled with water – filled with vitamins and power.  Eating this will take you through for the next 5 hours without a problem.  And when you eat a handful it feels like 2 rocks going down ….. but in a nice way – lol!

PHOTO:  Peixe Seco – dried fish is another delicacy taken with maize mail.  Eating it well …. there is a guide …. close your nose and swallow quick.  Take a handful of maize porridge and eat it quickly after the fish.  On the salt scale …. the fish would measure 10 – lethal and dangerous.

PHOTO:  Always time for a flower photo!  Nature providing the shot at the “bridge over the river Kwai”.

PHOTO:  And plenty mushrooms to go around this time of the rainy season!

PHOTO:  The way back home taken from the motorbike.