I found more passion on my driving trip.  I love motor sport (and more particularly F1) and could just not resist stopping at one of the most spectacular racing machines of the modern age.  And yes ….. I grabbed my camera got my wife on the other end and started shooting!

If this Red Bull Renault F1 V10 (I am talking about the car …. just checking!) doesn’t get your heart racing then motor sport is not for you.  I’ll forgive you.  Just had to get more photos of this model ….. with my red faced wife who had no choice but taking picture in public.  Even if the sign said:   DO NOT TOUCH – I did!  I mean … it’s a one in a life time opportunity.

And that’s what it is all about – art and speed brought together in perfect harmony!

….. and I even got friends and family joining the admiration I share for F1.

The smallest “office” in the world …. I’m sure!