I am still on the road!  Listening to thunder and lightning at the moment.  One of the most memorable moments (apart from Christmas and New Year ….) was when someone phoned me and asked if I could set aside a few moments to meet an old friend.  You never have to ask me ….. just give me the address.

Reggie was a friend I met in Rwanda in 2008 at one of Amahoro’s gatherings.  Needless to say …. Reggie transformed a part of my life!  We shared a room and discovered life together!  He was with his family when I arrived and after a long absence met each other again!   To read our whole story just check our link at http://lovemoz.blogspot.com/2008/06/zulu-afrikaner-and-r100.html

PHOTO:  Reggie and his family during his vacation time.

PHOTO:  Women power.  Alta with Reggie’s beautiful wife.