Our motto here is – Transformational Engineering in action.  Doing education means building bridges – literally sometimes.  I had to test our new bridge and then went on to the school to see how real bridge building is done.  Did a quick surprise visit and recon mission to our bush school this morning.  Have to admit I am again so proud of our local Mozambican staff who has absolutely NO PROBLEM in running programs very efficiently on their own!  Handling a bush school with 260 children is no easy task.  But, so it seems, our 4 teachers does this without too much sweat (or so it seems).  Just gotta love the dedication.

The latest photos will get you into the mood on what is happening here this morning:

 PHOTO:  After our old bridge collapsed during the strong rainy season (see articles below) ….. it took a lot of manpower to get our new bridge constructed.

 PHOTO:  And there it is!  I tested the new bridge this morning after heavy rain.  I am carrying more than a ton of maize and beans to our bush school ….. and the bridge showed its power.

 Photo:  Paulo Inacio – our grade 4 teacher getting ready for a mathematical explosion!  Something about Pythagoras …. so I heard.

 PHOTO:  School principal, Joao Feniassi helping grade 5 students.

 PHOTO:  Every student in the school has their daily chores.  Here is a little girl carrying water for the kitchen to prepare their daily meal.

 PHOTO:  Our new intake of pre-schoolers displaying their toys proudly.  They are officially our most important students.

 PHOTO:  Our pre-school teacher, Tito Mabuleza teaching the basics of the human body to the pre-schoolers.

PHOTO:  And I can never resist spoiling the kids.  Everyone going for a quick drive in my American powered V6 Ford.  Kids hardly get the opportunity to drive in a vehicle …. so this always a huge treat with lots of noise, laughter and screams of agony as I pull away.