It’s flooding everywhere it seems.  The pictures and sad stories from Australia were heart touching.  More flooding in Sri Lanka, South Africa and even Mozambique adds to the agony.  Climate change?  Who knows ….. the truth is rainfall patterns are changing.  Mozambique usually gets a lot of rain during November through April (about 1 200mm in a good raining season).

The last few nights we were soaked with more than 125 mm’s of rain.  The importance of good rain can never be underestimated but to really understand what rain means to the bush people of Mozambique you have to live here to hear them laugh and break out in joyous applause.  Too much rain can silence the joy very quickly as we saw a few nights ago.

PHOTO:  Our garden that produces food for our school and orphan programs were totally flooded.  A few banana trees are hanging on for dear life!

PHOTO:  Behind our lemon trees is our garden that washed away during more than 100 mm of rain for the night.

PHOTO:  I think the bananas are actually anchoring the fragile banana trees.

PHOTO:  The Mucombeze river which borders our garden and houses …… showing its angry face.

And if all the flooding is not enough this is how South Africa is currently looking: