With the year running out of steam very quickly, I thought of sharing a few lighter moments with you.  Many lives were touched and changed throughout the year and it were the kids who were transformed.  Thank you for being part in changing lives for the good.


Arts and Crafts forms an integral part of of the school program.  Everyone is included to bring out their creative side.

Throughout the year kids has the opportunity to create various projects which are sold and the income used to purchase goods for the school and to make sure the program can continue in a sustainable way.  Here are some photos taken during our annual Vocational Bible Schools and the arts and crafts produced by our kids.

Photo:  Girls showing off their decorated forks.

Photo:  The boys didn’t stay behind and showed off their “products”.


Getting kids from point A to point B is always an interesting endeavour.  And packing kids into our local “Glory Bus” is something to behold.  Many kids never had the opportunity to ride along in style and fitting 25 orphans into the mini van is always a highlight for the kids.

Here our orphans are being transported to our VBS program about 20 km away.  Singing is always part of the “transport plan” and enjoyed by everyone.

PHOTO:  Memorizing Scripture verses need not be boring at all.  Kids demonstrate through acting how to memorize I Cor. 10:31

PHOTO:  Working with people for a long term means you get to see whole families pass through our school system.  Here is little Chimboma reciting 1 Cor. 10:31.  She is in grade 1 and successfully quoted the Scripture and made all of us proud.


PHOTO:  I can never resist a photo where a kids is really connecting and enjoying the fun.

PHOTOS ABOVE:  Kids and teachers having fun together on the “slip-and-slide”.


And after a long day of hard work ….. there is always home!  Our house has been serving us ever since we got here ….. and we love it.