The Bible says a lot about fruit (for various reasons)!  Nope, before you ask … I have no new revelation on a theological meaning of  “fruit”.   I think Jesus loved fruit …. maybe that could be the reason why he cursed the beautiful fruit tree that looked so good and tasty but had no fruit on them.  Mozambique has a lot of fruit that varies from mangoes, litchis, bananas, papayas, oranges, lemons, guavas, avo’s and secret species that the locals really enjoy!  It’s a place so abundant with fruit due to the subtropical climate that I think we could provide the rest of the world for the next 50 years.  I think what I am trying to say is …. FRUIT is king in Mozambique.
But there is a different kind of fruit I have seen yet again the last week.  I am referring to our local Mozambican transformational agents (or more theologically correct …. our pastor-leaders).  We have had, I think, our 10th bi-annual SBF (Escola Biblica de Fe) Bible School intensive seminars with nearly 40 chosen leaders from central and Northern Mozambique.  They represented more than 700 pastors.
These men are simply …. amazing.  They study for 6 years and cover more than 25 books with topics ranging from Old Testament studies, Prophets, New Testament studies, Practical Theology, Eschatology, Leadership and Re-Transforming communities through the church.  
A new subject that teaches the church how to respond to health issues has been successfully added to the program.  We have seen the FRUIT in the lives of these men over and over again.  Many of them survived the long civil war in Mozambique and all of them are daily surviving on NO money.  Most rural pastors get no salary from their church …..they labour because the LOVE!  To see them sing or pray is an experience you will never forget as long as you live!
PHOTO LEFT:  Joao Benjamin teaches about Creation, Redemption and Restoration.
Pastors making notes during classes.
PHOTO:  One of the missions workers harvesting litchies from the trees.
Our own mission farm has a huge litchi orchard amongst many other things..  It produced in mass this year with people coming from afar to buy and sell again.  Funds from the sell of our fruit production is ploughed into our various ministries again.  Orphans and other feeding projects run by the mission also benefits from the fruit.  If you have never tasted a litchi I suggest you run to your local store and get them in a can.  Off course they are not as good as on the tree …. but you will get the idea!

PHOTO:  Sorting litchies in the different grades.
PHOTO:  Local buyers comes from everywhere to buy their fresh produce.