So many people contact me about our exact location.  You would probably not find us on Google Earth that clearly ….. if you are trying you can see as vaguely at the following GPS coordinates:

S18 40 285
E033 197 96

I used a few photos from Laura Cogbill (thank you Laura) who visited us for a month and helped at our schools.  Her dad arrived with her and just about sorted out all our mechanical problems on the base.  And what a great job he did too!

The photos were taken from the Mercy Air helicopter who visited us.  The areal shots would give an indication on our area in the bush!  So to make it a bit easier here are some photos:

Photo:  I publish the photos x-tra large on purpose to make the details a bit more clearer.  The helicopter just took off from the empty spot down – very close to our house!  Yes … and we are always the ones left behind … way down there!


Photo:  The litchi plantation on the foreground with vehicle garage on left, generator room and dam on the right.  At the back Dwight’s house.

PHOTO:  A wider angle of our 1 000 ha base.  Left of the red roof (far back on the photo) is my house hidden between the trees.  In front of the picture you will see our admin office.

PHOTO:  The Mucombeze river where we stay.  Our houses are build close to the edge of the river.  The river is also our boundary on the base.  This river flows into the bigger Pungwe river.  Left on the photo you will see some smaller houses which are used for visitors and short termers at the moment.

PHOTO:  MERCY AIR leaving our base for South Africa.