Inspiration!  That is what I experienced again when looking at the photos of our annual Xmas Orphan party.  Being an orphan is enough for many dealing with the adjustments and the emotional turmoil.  Being a Xmas orphan in Mozambique has various other problems.  Orphans here will have to deal with severe poverty in the process.  No running water, no electricity, no secure housing …., barely any medical services …. just the bush.  A bush hut, dirty river water, little food if any and the loneliness.

It sounds depressing and in total contrast with the west (and even the east) celebrating Xmas.  Shopping malls are filled to capacity.  Shopping trolleys so heavy it’s bending with all the shopping. Excess food and 1 000’s of turkeys giving up their lives for the feast (lol).   And …..  that is not wrong.  A challenge though …. what about sharing a Xmas lunch with a neighbour who is struggling, or a shopping bag …… donated to a children’s home of the festive season?  Giving is so nice!

Making life a little bit nicer for our orphans …. and they have grown to more than 900 all over Mozambique, was   surprising them again with a party at our base.  Xmas tree, gifts and lots of food and games made the day a little bit brighter for the more than 40 kids.  Lynn Lagore organised our party this year – and did an outstanding job.  Here is a few moments …. wish you could be there:

Photo:  A grand entrance with local music by our orphans.

Photo:  Our widows plays an integral part in looking after some of our orphans.  They are always invited to partake in the festivities.

Photo left:  Time to receive gifts …… and may I add always the highlight.

Logistically it is not possible to invite all our orphans.  Local churches in Mozambique which we work very closely with makes it possible for the other 850 orphans to have a good Xmas meal or “festa” as they call it here.  Many people all over the world make it possible for us to lighten up the world of a Mozambican orphan.  Thank you all for caring!

PHOTO:  Past. Mariano Joao (left), our Mozambican Orphan coordinator handing over gifts to our orphans.  Past. Ricardo Oliveira assisting.

PHOTO:  ….. and games are always part of the festivities.

* A special word of thanks to:

(a)  David Phillips and Busbridge, St. John the Baptist in Godalming for their support;
(b)  All the Canadian partners;
(c)  Lynn Lagore for all the photos and organizing!