I was contemplating on what message I could give to readers of this blog!  I was thinking carefully because of the love we in Mozambique share for all of you.  The fact that you care enough to actually visit this blog make you all quite special.  And then while I was contemplating a great friend, Kelly Johnson (Amahoro Africa in the USA) send me a message via facebook …… and it suddenly all made sense.  She said:

“I’m thinking of Advent ….. and Mary’s revolutionary understanding of Jesus and what His coming means, as depicted in the Magnificat.  Pretty radical.  Justice that would turn the order of things upside down.”

I love that.  And that is my hope for all of you.  Redemption came in the form of Jesus.  Justice came in the form of Jesus.  May you all come closer to HIM, to others and to yourself during this time.  May you too have a revolutionary understanding of Jesus.