I prepared this post more than a week before …. and prayed for a miracle as my “only” camera in the bush, Miss Canon – left me in “pieces”.  Somehow I though my data compact flash card would miracously provide me with the photos I so dearly wanted on this post ….. and then I looked at my heading a week ago …”No control is good control …. sometimes!”  Mmmmm…. so I will have to use some older photos out of my archives to at least show how we did manage through the day.  Aaaagh … bush life sometimes.  Will publish newer photos the moment I can at least recover my data card.  Many blessings – RED
VBS – 160 screaming juniors …. wide-eyed joy!  I love seeing kids out of control when it comes to just enjoying themselves …. construtctively off course!  Our annual VBS (vacational Bible School) started off with a bang this year.  The theme to be explored was:  “Making the right choices!” with I Cor 10:31 as key verse.
Photo left:  Kids getting ready for the daily prayers!
We took our orphans with to participate in the fun.  I laughed as I picked up the orphans on the way to our VBS program about 20 km away.  They could hardly stand in one place and the moment they spotted me with the van …. they ran like Bolt himself …. to get a good place in the van off course.  On our way songs were sung and I could hardly hear the familiar strange sounds of the van as the pitch of the songs went higher.

Photo:  Due to the extreme temperatures watergames with balloon fights were at the order of the day!

At the school another 160 kids awaited us with dancing and waving hands.  The objective of our VBS program is to get kids to enjoy the Bible lessons with as much fun as possible.  This included games, stories, dramas, arts and crafts – and lots of sweats and cooldrink off course.

Photo:  This school boy drank the last (and I mean the last!!) drop of cooldrink to complete the game!
Within 30 minutes everyone memorized their Bible verses for the day with lots of games to help them to remember the topic and verse of the day.  It was lots of fun.

Road safety, health awareness and sport games completed the day.  Day after day they would go home dead tired …. just to return the next morning energized and exploding with joy.

Photo:  The day ended with a lot to eat!  Kids getting ready with their plates!