We all tend to stay away from the big “M” when you live in the bush like we do! Nope …nothing to do with a big Mac burger (or Apple Mac for that matter) or M&M’s – no …. MAPUTO – the capital city of Mozambique. It’s noisy, overpopulated, busy and many an aid worker has met his or her nemesis in the old big colonial mother city of Mozambique. And it’s not beautiful at all (I think so by the way!)

But when Amahoro comes to town to work with young church and community leaders everything changes (sounds like a book by Brian McLaren!). Claude Nikondeha (founder of the Amahoro Institute) and activist for the poor all over Africa visited Mozambique to meet with some movers and shakers in the Maputo church world.

That meant …. that we got the wheels rolling quickly to setup a meeting. Here is the trip in a nut shell!


PHOTO:  Just for those who think the road to the south is a rumour!  It’s wild, dusty and ….. broken up.

PHOTO:  And if you are a goat …. time for some serious “hanging-on”!

Photo:  Tofo beach, Inhambane Province, Mozambique!

PHOTO:  The capital city of Inhambane is reach in culture and beautiful buildings!

The gathering in Maputo, Mozambique was a historic event and I will try to cover the event as thorough as I can.   KEEP FOLLOWING!