I am a hunter.  Hunters are strange people – a complicated species who gets a kick of creeping up to an animal or object and get as close as you can before looking it into the eye!  And when the season opens you best make sure you are first on the spot.  So … I too can hunt but I am a different kind of hunter altogether.   Before I get carried away too much …. my hunting has all to do with books – precious cargo. 

It seems every time I travel away from Mozambique my mind wanders on where I am going to find scarce Bibles.  I seem to always have a deficit when it comes to Bibles – Shona, Chewa and Portuguese Bibles in particular.

Travelling to Cape Town this time around I was amazed what was about to happen.  An interesting church asked me to share in their morning service.  I accepted.  After finishing the morning service and sharing my burden for Bibles for central and northern Mozambique the pastor got up on to the pulpit and joyfully announced that I was literally preaching and standing on Bibles as I was sharing.  Still frowning he explained that they purchased scarce Bibles awaiting the preacher that would collect them.  The church had a storeroom beneath the church and yes I was standing on Bibles as I was preaching.  

Hunting season was truly open ………. and I went in for the kill … to bring life to so many people who still don’t have the means to own their own Bible.

Photo:  Past. Raymond Lombard handing over the precious cargo.

But … the hunt goes on and join me on the journey as I keep on searching.