“You are 5 years late ……. if you could only come earlier many who died would be saved …. would have had the opportunity to hear the liberated message of how Jesus can set you absolutely free!”  The words of the regional director echoes into our ears.

I am in Quilemane – the north eastern part of the Zambezi Province in Mozambique.  The trip was long and dusty.  Being held up by police at the Sena bridge because they thought we were “Al Queda suspects” (just because we had a sandwich close to the bridge, I might add) was just one of the many obstacles we had to overcome during an amazing time with out Muslim brothers in the far north east.  It all started when a young pastor, Pedro Redi asked me with tears in his eyes to plant a church in Quilemane and not to forget the Muslims of the area who desperately needed the Word and the Good News.  Accompanying me to the dusty roads of Quilemane was 2 extinguished gentleman, Past. Raymond Lombard (Director:  Wheels for God) and Dr. Manning Thornton (Missionary Evangelist) from Alabama, USA.


The purpose of the visit was to train pastors in the rural areas in Evangelism and equip them to do the work efficiently.  Past. Raymond Lombard (Wheels for God) was the right  man for the job.  His objective is to use the Heart of Man charts to train and equip every pastor with a bicycle to get the job done quicker from village to village.

We had an amazing group of leaders from every group available in the rural areas.  Young Catholic priests and youth joined us for the training.  Dr. Manning Thornton shared devotions early in the morning and closed our day with wonderful teachings on the topic of Evangelism.  The practical time sharing their faith via the Heart of man chart was simply amazing.  Although threatened many times by many Muslims the conversations and space created to share showed many conversions of many Muslim brothers and sisters.

God did awesome things!  After the successful completion of their course 35 pastors and leaders proudly took hold of their brand new bicycles and evangelism material.