Photo:  Johannesburg – in colour (but only nice if you were born there … lol!

Photo:  Semi-desert (Karoo region) on your way to Cape Town.  Still 450 km’s to go!

It’s that time of the year again I thought as I looked at the odometer of my willing Nissan!  3 000 km laid ahead of me as I left the base early morning on my way to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa.  Conferences, meetings and lots of other engagements with wonderful people are always something to look forward too ….. if it just wasn’t for the distance …. and the driving.

Photo:  Always great company on the way.                                                

But I again realized that the journey itself is something to look forward too … well that is as soon as you survive the horrific border posts on the way.  This time around it went smoothly and soon the great scenery changed my mood as I was trying to keep to the speed limit.  A fine in Zimbabwe (all in US dollars these days) made me look anxiously at my speed as I travelled.  After being robbed in Polokwane it was time to move on to Johannesburg – a concrete jungle like no other.  If it wasn’t for the great people I could easily drive around it.

Photo:  Cape Town is just over those mountains!  About 100 km to go!

Nearing Cape Town ….. my birthplace.  Strange how something happens when you get closer to your roots.  Strangely … the same happens when I pray.  “Maybe I don’t belong here after all!”  But before the Gospel of Evacuation could get hold of me I saw the mountains of Cape Town …. and I fell in love with my birthplace all over again. 

Join me on the journey as I travel the next few weeks …. and meet the great people that makes it possible for us to survive in Mozambique.

Photo:  Morning has broken!